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Order management


Get your order on whatsapp or sms, or manage them via mobile friendly admin panel.

Payment Gateway

Pro feature

Add payment instructions like:- URL or Bank Details to get paid, integrate payment gateway with our Pro Plans.

In-store Ordering


Options for customers to choose delivery, pickup, in-store order. or appointment.

Reports and Analytics


Your business dashboard is at your fingertips. Track your most important KPIs with our dashboard.

How it works?✔

Setting up your online WhatsApp store is simple as a,b,c. We make it super simple and fast so that you can start receiving your orders from customers in minutes on WhatsApp.

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Step 1

Choose a unique link for your shop

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Step 2

Add your products, delivery and
payment methods.

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Share your URL on your social media
and start receiving orders in WhatsApp.

Live Demo of WhatsApp Shop😎

Quickzu Cake store demo

Cake Shop

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Quickzu Cafe store demo

Cafe & Restaurant

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Our Pricing are simple & flexible

Free Plan


1 Location (Business)

10 Categories

100 Products

Product Variants

Google Analytics

Full access to QR tool

Community Support

Your own domain with SSL

No watermark

Multiple Theme

Payment Gateway

Coupon Discount

Select This One
Premium Plan [Monthly]


1 Location (Business)

Unlimited Categories

Unlimited Items

Product Variants

Google Analytics

Full access to QR tool

Community + WhatsApp Support

Your own domain with SSL

No watermark

Multiple Theme

Payment Gateway [Stripe, Razorpay]

Coupon Discount

Select This One
Premium Plan [Yearly]


1 Location (Business)

Unlimited Categories

Unlimited Items

Product Variants

Google Analytics

Full access to QR tool

Community + WhatsApp Support

Your own domain with SSL

No watermark

Multiple Theme

Payment Gateway [Stripe, Razorpay]

Coupon Discount

Select This One

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Watch us creating Quickzu WhatsApp Stores in minutes

Frequently Asked Questions❓

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? We’ve shared some of our most frequently asked questions to help you out.

What is Quickzu for ?

Quickzu is SAAS based WhatsApp Order System, help small business to grow digitally , by automating digital sales.

Whatsapp is one of common app for messaging in India, sellers can use Whatsapp to recevive orders from customers.

Why should I use Quickzu ?

Because, your customers will love it, ordering through single catalogue link without installing any app and send order directly on Whatsapp makes process hassle free for customers, managing orders doesn’t need any special POS machine etc, just any mobile device with whatsapp can help you to manage your orders.

How do I collect payments ?

You don’t need any payment gateway , even you don’t need to pay us any fee to collect payment, just provide information about bank details, payment URL in business profile section and customers can pay you online through that, or put QR code at store for in-store ordering.

How I will manage my business ?

After signup, you can use our mobile friendly dashboard to add categories, add products & variants, and manage orders, and add/edit business details. When customer will order something you will get whatsapp message from customers with order details.

Why Quickzu is best from other alternative ?

Quickzu is blazing fast, provide many features like QR builder, Product variants, Custom Domain,Analytics, Live order management, Dine-in features, Google Analytics,Fb Pixel etc.

Do you have multi-language support?

Yes, we are supporting Spanish,English, Malay and few other right now.

Could you add this language…?

Quickzu is powered with community efforts for language, You can reachout to us for helping to translate it to your native language.

Do you have XXXX integration? (Alternatively: Can we use this with… ?)

We do paid integration for payment gateway, also reachout to us to discuss about integration fast.

What gateway/payment connections are available?

Stripe for agency partners to take recurring payment from sellers, to take payment from customers we have option to give payment instructions.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes, reach out to us for that.

Do you take any commission on every sale ?

No. We don’t take any commission on orders.

How do I create QR code for my store Link ?

In this site, the QR code of your shop has already been given, in which the link to your shop's site is added. Check QR Builder inside dashboard.

Is this legal API of WhatsApp ?

This completely open API from WhatsApp, it will not ban your WhatsApp, just don’t use any WhatsApp mass sender on your WhatsApp business account.

Do you have a public roadmap?

Yes we have look it here Click Here to see Roadmap

Where can I find a tutorial or demo about how to use your tool and its features?

Reach out to us for agency demo,and checkout documentation here

Do you plan to make XXXX feature available soon?

We can't commit on timelines but check out Roadmap for feature updates.

Can you tell us a little more about your company, full-time employees, path to profitability, etc.?

We are incorporated company (Bluebanyan Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) based out at India, workin with team of 20 people.

Does this product have white labeling?

yes we do offer fully whitelable solution.

Can you guarantee success of my business by going digital ?

Nope, every business success depend on its leader commitment we only can help you to go Online, we can help you to make automated digital selling using our platform.

Want a white label WhatsApp ordering system?💰

We provide reseller panel fully white to your domain, your service, your pricing.

Customers In🌏

  • WhatsApp ordering India
  • WhatsApp ordering Singapore
  • WhatsApp Ordering Malaysia
  • WhatsApp Ordering Morocco
  • WhatsApp Ordering Indonesia
  • WhatsApp Ordering Rwanda
  • WhatsApp Ordering United States
  • WhatsApp Ordering South Africa
  • WhatsApp Ordering Turkey
  • WhatsApp Ordering UAE
  • WhatsApp Ordering Colombia
  • WhatsApp Ordering Spain
  • WhatsApp Ordering Saudi Arabia
  • WhatsApp Ordering Argentina
  • WhatsApp Ordering Italy
  • WhatsApp Ordering Germany
  • WhatsApp Ordering Luxembourg
  • WhatsApp Ordering Slovakia
  • WhatsApp Ordering Uruguay
  • WhatsApp Ordering Oman
  • WhatsApp Ordering Jordan
  • WhatsApp Ordering Estonia
  • WhatsApp Ordering Mexico
  • WhatsApp Ordering Costa Rica
  • WhatsApp Ordering Zimbabwe
  • WhatsApp Ordering Peru
  • WhatsApp Ordering Pakistan
  • WhatsApp Ordering Belize
  • WhatsApp Ordering Panama
  • WhatsApp Ordering Kenya
  • WhatsApp Ordering Honduras
  • WhatsApp Ordering Sint Maarten
  • WhatsApp Ordering Nigeria
  • WhatsApp Ordering Chile
  • WhatsApp Ordering Ghana
  • WhatsApp Ordering Japan
  • WhatsApp Ordering Guatemala
  • WhatsApp Ordering United Kingdom
  • WhatsApp Ordering Qatar
  • WhatsApp Ordering Kuwait
  • WhatsApp Ordering Greece
  • WhatsApp Ordering Dominican Republic
  • WhatsApp Ordering Croatia
  • WhatsApp Ordering Egypt
  • WhatsApp Ordering Hong Kong
  • WhatsApp Ordering Netherlands
  • WhatsApp Ordering Mozambique
  • WhatsApp Ordering Bolivia
  • WhatsApp Ordering Kazakhstan
  • WhatsApp Ordering Lebanon
  • WhatsApp Ordering Israel

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